Busty Euro Babes

Lorna Morgan - Solo Big Tits video
A best-seller when first released, Busty Euro Babes brought together the hottest naturally-boobed girls of SCORE and Voluptuous in the late '90s. This movie was shot back-to-back with On Location Portugal. Film critic Dirty Bob wrote in his review: "This almost Russ Meyer-ish big tit import begins with Lorna Morgan popping out of her bra as she runs across the countryside. Surreal. Fans of chesty gals will especially enjoy her self-applied nude lotion skin treatment and subsequent shower clean-up." Before that shower, Lorna plays with her ripe body. So sexy, she makes the cameraman suck wind. She's fully dressed at first, then takes off all of her clothes for an extremely exciting afternoon masturbatory session in her room. Nothing is hidden from the camera.

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6 years ago 
beautiful lady sexy
7 years ago 
perfect thick vagina with big labia, huge areola big breast and cute.

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