M'Lady's Bath

One of Lorna's greatest photo shoots from Key Largo was the one in the bathroom published in Holiday 2001 SCORE. "The shaving one and painting my nails? And brushing my teeth?" Lorna remembered. "You know, the brushing my teeth was scandalous. It was a scandal! I received emails going, 'That brushing the teeth one with you spitting it all over you? That was strange.' Because some of my fans don't even like me doing things like that. They're imagining what that stuff is, the toothpaste on my breasts, and they don't want that. It was a scandal. I got a few emails that said, 'That was probably the most erotic one you've ever done.'"
Featuring: Lorna Morgan
Date: October 15th, 2021
Photos: 45

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Absolute ecstasy
So hot.

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