Preggers and Glowing

Preggers and Glowing

SCORE: How have the fans reacted to you posing pregnant? Had you posted pregnant shots on your site before? LORNA: The only pregnant pictures of me on my web site at the moment are some early shots of me pregnant with Leo. I look fuller in body and face but I don't really look pregnant so these pictures will be the first time my fans have really seen me look pregnant nude. I think there is one image of me heavily pregnant in a dress, a tiny one I posted when I made the announcement that my son was born. The fans liked it. In fact they asked many times to see more. SCORE: What is your current bustline measurement? And what physical changes have you detected in your breasts since pregnancy back in 2006 and also now? LORNA: I am currently wearing a 32K bra. I think my boobs got a little bigger after my first pregnancy and even though they did go back down they never went back to the same size. I went from 30GG to an H cup. Apart from that they were fine. I was lucky I didn't get any…
Featuring: Lorna Morgan
Date: February 17th, 2023
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Yes, love your big round belly and those gorgeous tits! Wish you had dropped your panties as well, you have such a sweet pussy. Loved to have seen it while you were knocked up.

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